Images of 6 1/2 yrd textiles fully embroidered

                    A short description for the reader

This deep magenta is an exquisite piece of pure undiluted beauty, measuring 6 1/2 yards in length, with 56 inches in width Very extensively and intricately embroidered with birds and flowers- It has a border running on all 4 sides intricately embroidered .The base fabric is hardly visible.


The 2nd picture is of a deep purple 6 1/2 yd. piece, heavily embroidered with figures, pagodas, flowers, birds - floss silk strands are used on the face of the figure giving it an ethereal look-A story unfolds within this embroidery 55 inches width, border running all 4 sides


The 3rd piece is a black crepe de chine silk fabric, light weight with embroidery all over in a myriad of colors making this masterpiece a beautiful painting on silk. 6 yards long, 45 inches in width.

                    This piece is the most extraordinary piece (in my collection) created by  an artist  who  must have been inspired by the Gods  to  achieve such finesse -Deep maroon background of heavy silk  with birds and flowers  on every inch of the fabric-The 4 sided border is makes this piece an unique piece- 6 yards length,the width 58 inches

                          This Bright vibrant red satin silk has a delicate embroidery of flowers leaves with stems interlinking - 6 yards in Length width 48 inches


The egg shell white background on this pure silk has raised embossed embroidery of birds & flowers-This particular piece needs to be framed as its very fragile-This also has a 4 sided border 6 yards in Length 48 inches width





The above 2 pieces are on pure silk satin brilliant red and luscious deep purple , they have the four sided border that a stitch similar to the fragile French knot or the forbidden stitch-Both of these are 6 1/2 yards long with 48 inches in width .



Most exquisite piece of workmanship, intricate, densely embroidered in white silken thread on a deep Burgundy silk all four sides have a heavy border almost 5 inches in width-This is 61/2 yards long with 52 inches or more in width an extraordinary piece in Pristine condition 





A Private Collectors Unique                Collection

Exquisitely Hand Embroidered Pure Silk Chinese Textiles (GARAS) & Yards of hand made Borders / trimmings / KORS of continuous designs for the Connoisseur.